How to choose the right general contractor.


What is the difference between a general contractor st catharines and a regular contractor?

The main difference between a regular contractor and a general contractor st catharines is general contractors offer a larger scope, whereas regular contractors typically are single-trade specific. A “general” contractor refers to a contractor in charge of hiring subcontractors and coordinating their work, keeping the job on track for timely and on-budget completion. 

What is the role of construction management?

A Construction Manager oversees launching, scheduling, and completing the various tasks and to-dos within an assigned project. For Viking General Contractors & Demolition Ltd  we are responsible to turn your vision into reality through efficiently planning and coordinating their jobs, while being ready to “put out fires” wherever necessary.  

What is the specific market for jobs you take on?

At Viking General contractor st catharines our expertise is in residential and commercial. We also take on institutional maintenance projects and commercial contracting. Our Construction Management services prove beneficial in these types of jobs based on the large scope of work they require. If your renovation likely needs plumbing, electrical, demolition, framing, flooring, carpentry and beyond, you are best to contact a General Contractor like us!

What areas do you service

We serve clients across St. Catharines, and GTA surrounding areas. If you have any more questions about general contracting services, get in touch with the experts at Viking General Contractors & Demolition Ltd a leading constructing and general contracting company in St. Catharines ,Ontario, we are a family business with deep roots in our community and faith. With twenty-plus years of construction and project management experience, we are the best choice for you as we offer excellent residential renovations, commercial contracting, and institutional maintenance services.

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Renovation Contractor

Hiring General Contractors In St. Catharines

In St. Catharine’s for home renovation projects can offer several benefits and help ensure a smoother and more successful renovation process. Here are some reasons why hiring general contractors can be advantageous.

Project management expertise:

  1. Project management expertise: General contractors are experienced in managing and overseeing construction projects. They have the knowledge and skills to coordinate various aspects of the renovation, such as scheduling, budgeting, hiring subcontractors, and obtaining permits. Their expertise can help streamline the process and minimize delays or complications.

Access to a network of subcontractors:

General contractors typically have established relationships with a network of reliable subcontractors, such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, and painters. They can coordinate and manage these subcontractors, ensuring that the right professionals are hired for each task and that the work is done properly.

Time and cost efficiency:

Hiring a general contractor can save you time and effort in searching for and hiring individual subcontractors. They handle the procurement of materials, scheduling, and supervision of the work, which can help complete the renovation more efficiently. Additionally, contractors may have access to discounts from suppliers, potentially reducing material costs.

Knowledge of building codes and regulations

: General contractors are familiar with local building codes and regulations. They can ensure that the renovation project complies with all necessary requirements, including obtaining permits and inspections. This helps avoid potential legal issues and ensures the work meets safety and quality standards.

Experience in problem-solving

Renovations can sometimes encounter unexpected challenges or complexities. General contractors have the experience and problem-solving skills to navigate such situations effectively. They can provide solutions, make necessary adjustments to the project plan, and address any issues that arise during the renovation.

Accountability and warranty

When you hire a general contractor, they take responsibility for the overall success of the renovation project. They will stand behind their work, and many contractors offer warranties on the services they provide. This provides peace of mind, knowing that you have someone to turn to if any issues arise after the project is completed.

While hiring general contractors in St Catharines

It may involve additional costs compared to managing the renovation yourself, the benefits they bring in terms of expertise, efficiency, and peace of mind often outweigh the investment. It is essential to conduct thorough research, seek recommendations, and interview potential contractors to ensure you hire a reputable and qualified professional for your home renovation.